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  Saturday  25th of October 2014  07:52:17 PM MST
Top Health News-
Top Health News- 11:10 AM 
Ebola: Newly released Dallas nurse to meet with Obama 
A nurse who caught Ebola while caring for the patient diagnosed in Dallas was released from a hospital on Friday, free of the virus, and was to meet later in the day with President Barack Obama at the White House. 

Top Health News- 10:57 AM 
WHO says Ebola vaccine plans accelerating as trials advance 
Trials of Ebola vaccines could begin in West Africa in December, a month earlier than expected, and hundreds of thousands of doses should be available for use by the middle of next year, the World Health Organization said on Friday. 

Top Health News- 08:24 AM 
'Dead' hearts transplanted into living patients in world first 
In a breakthrough, a team of doctors, including an Indian-origin surgeon, on Friday said that they have successfully performed the world's first heart transplant in Australia using a "dead heart", a major development that could save many lives. 

Top Health News- 04:16 AM 
Shorter TB treatment not a successful alternative: Study 
A shortened four months treatment for tuberculosis may not be a successful alternative to the current six-month standard treatment, scientists have found. 

Top Health News- 08:33 PM 
First case of Ebola confirmed in Mali: Health Ministry 
Mali's health ministry has said the country had its first confirmed case of Ebola after a two-year-old girl who had recently been in Guinea tested positive for the virus. 

Top Health News- 07:59 PM 
New York doctor who treated patients in Africa tests positive for Ebola 
A specially trained team wearing protective gear transported Spencer to Bellevue Hospital from his Manhattan apartment, the city said in a statement. 

Top Health News- 06:23 PM 
US dollar 100 million Ebola pledge from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen 
Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen has said he was boosting his donations to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to US dollar 100 million. 

Top Health News- 05:22 AM 
Big strides made in fighting tuberculosis: WHO 
The 2015 Millennium Development Goal of halting and reversing TB incidence has been achieved globally, in all six WHO regions. 

Top Health News- 01:25 PM 
Barack Obama expresses optimism about Ebola in US 
President Barack Obama says he's cautiously more optimistic about the Ebola situation in the US. 

Top Health News- 12:18 PM 
Ebola death toll near 5,000 with true number nearer 15,000: WHO 
At least 4,877 people have died in the world's worst recorded outbreak of Ebola, and at least 9,936 cases of the disease had been recorded as of October 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, but the true toll may be three times as much. 

Health News
Health News 05:06 AM 
Ebola death toll tops 4,900 as virus spreads - WHO 

Health News 01:02 AM 
Scientists discover 'chink in HIV's armour' 

Health News 03:18 AM 
Scientists shed new light on how hormone works in weight loss 

Health News 01:57 AM 
Less of the noisiest crackers, but Diwali remains noisy well past deadline in Mumbai 

Health News 04:54 AM 
When art meets bhel to create awareness 

Health News 08:25 AM 
Binge drinking in early adulthood can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure in men: Study 

Health News 07:12 AM 
Flu vaccines may help prevent heart attacks, reveals new study 

Health News 04:23 AM 
A 'war like' situation for women in India: Annie Raja, social activist on rape 

Health News 12:15 AM 
People visiting doctors twice per year likelier to have controlled Blood Pressure 

Health News 12:57 AM 
Women more prone to develop anxiety, depression post heart attack than men 

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Top Headlines
Top Headlines 03:08 AM 
Simple test can detect cervical cancer 
This signature represents the major proteins in blood plasma, measured by DSC. 

Top Headlines 05:29 AM 
UK hoteliers warned: Indian tourists 'amiable but indecisive' 
A government funded tourism body published a list of 'dos' and 'don'ts' for benefit to hoteliers. 

Top Headlines 12:33 PM 
An abnormal stroke risk 
Atrial fibrillation can cause strokes even among lean and physically active people. 

Top Headlines 02:24 AM 
Drivers 'distracted' 10 per cent of the time behind the wheel 
The risks of distracted driving were greatest for newly licensed teen drivers. 

Top Headlines 02:21 AM 
Study finds common emotions trigger bodily reactions 
Different emotions have their affect on different body parts, according to the research. 

Top Headlines 02:15 AM 
Good night's sleep crucial for brain health 
These molecules are typically found in the brain. 

Top Headlines 01:24 AM 
Peer pressure may influence food choices 
Data indicate that social norms influence the quantity of food eaten. 

Top Headlines 12:48 AM 
Reading a book may change your brain 
'The neural changes suggest that reading a novel can transport you into body of the protagonist.' 

Top Headlines 12:00 AM 
Brain development is 'choreographed': study 
Findings emphasise importance of interplay between genes and environment in child's initial years. 

Top Headlines 01:11 AM 
Children are clever helpers: Study 
Kids can override direct requests in deciding best way to help someone else achieve their goals.