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  Monday  28th of July 2014  05:32:19 PM MST
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Top Health News- 10:38 PM 
West Bengal: Encephalitis toll rises to 111 
Two more persons died of encephalitis in West Bengal since Saturday, taking the toll to 111 as six more were admitted to hospital with suspected infection. 

Top Health News- 05:23 PM 
India has the second highest number of Hepatitis B infected 
India has over 40 million Hepatitis B infected patients, second only to China, and most people with chronic Hepatitis B or C are unaware of their infection, putting them at serious risk of developing cirrhosis or liver cancer which are life threatening. 

Top Health News- 09:48 PM 
Mumbai: Doctors baffled after extracting 232 teeth from a 17-year-old's mouth 
In a bizarre incident in Mumbai, doctors extracted 232 teeth from the mouth of a 17-year-old boy and the boy's case could now make it to the Guinness Book of World Records. It is one of the rarest development anomaly in the history of medical science. Doctors in Mumbai's JJ Hospital were completely baffled in the Operation Theatre when they extracted more than 232 teeth from this boy's mouth. 

Top Health News- 08:16 PM 
Harsh Vardhan to meet Arian's father on Friday to discuss his medical condition 
12-year-old Arian is suffering from a rare genetic disorder called the Hunter syndrome. With the help of CNN-IBN and's campaign, Arian has received help from many all around the world. 

Top Health News- 04:19 PM 
Nine patients die daily at AIIMS 
Out of total 1,410 patients admitted in faculty 1 of the Medicine Department, 226 sick people perished and of 1,010 patients received by the faculty two, 251 passed away in the last 12 months. 

Top Health News- 01:32 PM 
Shortage of doctors in ESI: Government 
Labour and Employment Minister Narendra Singh Tomar today said senior officers will be deputed to investigate complaints that some doctors of Bhubaneswar ESI hospital were engaged in private practice. 

Top Health News- 06:34 PM 
Over 200 people succumb to encephalitis across India 
More than 200 people succumbed to encephalitis in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and seven districts of West Bengal. In West Bengal alone, 102 people have died due to encephalitis. 

Top Health News- 12:51 PM 
West Bengal: Encephalitis toll climbs to 52 
With the death of three patients in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, the encephalitis toll in West Bengal rose to 52 on Monday. 

Top Health News- 10:11 PM 
Oral cancer claims one life every six hours in India 
One person dies every six hours due to oral cancer in the country, signalling an alarming rise in the incidence of the disease, according to a top orthodontist. The situation could be still graver as many cases of the disease went unreported, Secretary-General of the Indian Dental Association Dr. Ashok Dhoble said. 

Top Health News- 01:07 PM 
West Bengal: 30 die of encephalitis 
Thirty people died due to encephalitis in the past ten days at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, a top official said on Tuesday. 

Health News
Health News 06:04 PM 
Weight & measures: Junkies doing drugs on a new scale 

Health News 05:36 PM 
How safe is your office drinking water? 

Health News 07:38 AM 
India has the second highest number of Hepatitis B infected 

Health News 03:36 AM 
New probe will allow early cancer detection in seconds 

Health News 03:04 AM 
Swelling of feet might be sign of heart problem 

Health News 07:00 PM 
9 Apps for healthy living 
Staying healthy is now on your fingertips! Be it tracking blood pressure levels, buying cheaper medicines or keeping track of your menstrual cycle, all the right health apps are available, free of cost, on phones. But you need to be 'smart' enough to use them... Maitri Porecha explains... 

Health News 02:24 AM 
Here's how Popeye will fuel tomorrow's world with spinach! 

Health News 03:11 AM 
Connection between age and memory decline revealed 

Health News 03:12 AM 
New cancer cases to reach 1.9 million by 2035 

Health News 02:03 AM 
Catch some sleep to avoid errors in memory 

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Top Headlines
Top Headlines 03:08 AM 
Simple test can detect cervical cancer 
This signature represents the major proteins in blood plasma, measured by DSC. 

Top Headlines 05:29 AM 
UK hoteliers warned: Indian tourists 'amiable but indecisive' 
A government funded tourism body published a list of 'dos' and 'don'ts' for benefit to hoteliers. 

Top Headlines 12:33 PM 
An abnormal stroke risk 
Atrial fibrillation can cause strokes even among lean and physically active people. 

Top Headlines 02:24 AM 
Drivers 'distracted' 10 per cent of the time behind the wheel 
The risks of distracted driving were greatest for newly licensed teen drivers. 

Top Headlines 02:21 AM 
Study finds common emotions trigger bodily reactions 
Different emotions have their affect on different body parts, according to the research. 

Top Headlines 02:15 AM 
Good night's sleep crucial for brain health 
These molecules are typically found in the brain. 

Top Headlines 01:24 AM 
Peer pressure may influence food choices 
Data indicate that social norms influence the quantity of food eaten. 

Top Headlines 12:48 AM 
Reading a book may change your brain 
'The neural changes suggest that reading a novel can transport you into body of the protagonist.' 

Top Headlines 12:00 AM 
Brain development is 'choreographed': study 
Findings emphasise importance of interplay between genes and environment in child's initial years. 

Top Headlines 01:11 AM 
Children are clever helpers: Study 
Kids can override direct requests in deciding best way to help someone else achieve their goals.